Hi everyone,
Leasing is very simple.  Basically you will need to prepare:

1st and last month rent:
On a $2,000/month rent, you will need to prepare $4,000 in your bank account which will be needed at the begining of the lease period.

*In a condo you may need to prepare additional refundable key deposit up front in addition to 1st and last month rent.  This can range between $200 to $300.

Credit check with credit score: for all tenants going to be on the lease. 
(Click me for Equifax and choose the $23 option) 
The score range from 300-900:
300-600 (Low) - The landlord will likely not accept this applicant.
600-680 (Average) - Tenants with average credit should prepare a Guarantor.
680-900 (Excellent) - This is what most landlord recommend from a Tenant applicant.

Job letter: All tenants going to be on the lease must prepare a job letter and should include below:
-Company name
-Your income,
-Stating full or part-time,
-Company phone number and
-Who to contact to verify information.

Rental Application: (Contact me for the form)
-In the Rental Application there are series of information that needed to be fill out.  It's very important to have 2 personal references and 2 past landlord contacts.  Remember to have all tenant on the lease sign the bottom.

Please contact me for more info or leave us a quick comment.
As always,  have fun home hunting!


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